To Brighter Days Ahead | A Note from Bess Clarke

I certainly hope that April showers bring May flowers, for if they do, we will have more flowers than we will know what to do with. With every sunny day, we are delivered five rainy ones, which has not helped to lighten the somber mood that has blanketed the island since the pandemic has kept us sheltering in place. While we are adapting to our new routines of alarm-free mornings, zoom meetings and virtual cocktail parties, we are still holding on to the simple comforts of pre-pandemic days. Customers are still calling to request Sam’s Salts or to ask us for help in selecting birthday gifts. Each conversation feels like a connection with an old friend, though we may have never met. Suddenly, we have more in common than ever before- a desire to live in a world without fear.

Mother Nature has put the entire human population in a time-out while she heals herself. We will do our part to stay safe by remaining socially distant and look forward to brighter days.

Bess Clarke