The 2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

These days with a little extra time on our hands, we have been trying to spend more time working on our hobbies and the things we love to do at home or outdoors.

We are here to help you celebrate dad this Father's Day with a gift that appeals to his favorite activities. From reading to sailing to cooking to playing games, our Father's Day Gift Guide is filled with unique gifts to honor the special men in your life.

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For the Gamer

A great way to gather those you love, pass the time, and teach something classic to the younger generations, we love these timeless games with modern aesthetic. When not sprawling coffee and kitchen tables in use, they make beautiful accent pieces with their sheen, beautiful colors and textures.

Card Box

Domino Set

Roll-Up Backgammon

3 in 1 Game Board

For the Art Afficianado

From paintings to wood carvings, there is a piece of art to suit every taste. Made locally, and inspired by Nantucket.

Wooden Fish

Easy Street Boats

I Love Nantucket

Snow Owl Carving

For the Curiosity Collector

Curiosities are one of our favorite ways to add a personal touch to any space, for no object can speak better about your interests than a beautiful antique or ''strange' collectible. They are meant to always bring joy- or even a chuckle- when looked at, represent a story or period in time, or act as a conversation piece with guests.

Antique Duck Decoys

Glass Wave

Wood Pulley

Nantucket Domino

For the Chef

Help dad whip up cherished family recipes, or spend time together in the kitchen. Our kitchen essentials are fit for the finest at-home chefs or young beginners.

Wooden Utensils

"Nuts for Nantucket" Nutmix

Signature Steak Knife Set

Teak & Copper Inlay Knives

For the Boating Enthusiast

Essentials he'll love at sea and on land.

Gold Compass

Boatneck Sweater

The Knot Handbook

Whale's Tail Bottle Opener

For the Avid Reader

For the dads who love getting lost in a good story or learning something new. Gift a new book along with something to decorate his bookshelf like smaller works of art or beautiful book ends.

Moby Dick Coffee Table Book

Marble Book Ends

ACK Balls

Scallop Season: A Nantucket Chronicle

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