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14 Things We Love Most About Nantucket

14 Things We Love Most About Nantucket

This Valentine’s Day we want to share what we love most about our special little island. There is no doubt that the list of what we love is endless, from the beautiful landscapes to the world class restaurants, from the rich history to the eclectic shops, Nantucket is truly a unique place. We asked our staff to narrow the list down to 14 of their absolute favorite things about Nantucket. Read their answers below.

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

1. The Unspoiled Beaches

"I love Nantucket’s beautiful, unspoiled beaches. No matter how crowded the island gets in the summer, there is always a quiet beach spot to sneak away to or to glimpse at a beautiful sunset." -Tracey, Designer

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

2. The Dog Friendly Nature Trails

“I love Nantucket because every morning and afternoon I can walk my dogs, Angie and Grogan, on the most incredible paths. We choose where we want to go by the wind direction, the sunset, which beach we want to visit, or bog we want to walk along. The landscape takes my breath away- the ultimate reason why I live here.” -Mary Beth, Designer

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

3. The Unparalleled Hydrangeas

“The hydrangeas here are incredible. I just love the color blue that is unlike any other. And I love how beautiful my hydrangeas look growing with my pink roses at my house” -Lori, Weaver

4. Show-stopping Natural Colors

"I'd say what I love the most about Nantucket is the color palette found within each season. As each season turns, you can always count on Nantucket to give a good show. I have always loved the color combinations that the landscapes produce. It is something I never tire of. " -Brooke G., Designer

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

5. An Off Season Brew

"My favorite thing to do on the island during the off season is going to the Brewery on a Friday night in the fall or winter to have a couple of drinks, listen to a good local band, and catch up with all the people you don’t get to see during the summer. The air has that smell of fires being burned. It’s chilly, but there's a big fire pit and well, great beer and drinks." -Sabrina, Weaver

(Photo courtesy of Cisco Brewers' Instagram: @ciscobrewers)

6. The Small Town Feel

"I enjoy the small town feel of the island. You know that your friends are always right there." -Zach, Shipping

7. Early Morning Motivation

"I love my early morning runs out by Miacomet with my girlfriends. Getting out of bed when it is cold and dark is always the hardest part. On most mornings we are rewarded by a sunrise over Miacomet Pond or a moody blue grey sky. It is a perfect way to start the day, reminding myself what a beautiful world we live in." -Bess, Partner

(Photo by Bess)

8. Getting to Really Know the Island

"Like many, I was first drawn to Nantucket by its beaches, natural landscapes and 'island time' atmosphere. However, as a recent year round resident, the list of what I love is evolving. Nantucket’s unique combination of being a community that impressively holds onto its history and charm, while simultaneously encourages and cultivates an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is what contributes to making this place so special and me very grateful to be a part of." -Allie, Assistant Shop Manager

9. Smith’s Point Seclusion

"I love the absolute solitude I can find on the beaches at Smith’s point. It is a wonderful retreat from the bustling of town." -Becky, Partner

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

10. An Impressive Resumé

"I am endlessly in awe by the amount of talent that surrounds us on this island. There are so many incredible artists, craftsman, and writers all living in this small place. I love to hear Bobby play the violin at the corner of Main Street on a Summer night, listen to Foggy Roots play at the Brewery, or go to the gallery openings." -Lindsay, Digital Marketing 

11. The Dramatic Change of the Seasons

"Every month is completely different from the next. Not only the seasons, but everything from the quality of the light, to how many parking spots there are downtown, or what restaurants are open. Just when you can’t take the crowds, September arrives, or just when you can’t take the gray solitude, April is here." -Stephanie, Partner

"I love the difference between the summer and winter. Summer is busy and hectic. And winter is calm and relaxing, which gives me more family time! It's a great balance." -Gergana, Weaver

"Nantucket is the best place to witness the changing of the seasons. I love walking through Nantucket’s extensive conservation land where I can watch the wildflowers bloom throughout the summer and catch a snowy owl sighting in the winter." -Merrill, Shop Associate

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

12. Sunset Sailing

"I love sailing over the flats of Madaket harbor; looking down upon the sea life below me and listening to the wind rustle through the beach grass. But the absolute best moment of a summer sailing day is when sunset approaches and the wind dies down, leaving me becalmed in that magical light." -Brooke M., Bookkeeper

13. Late Summer Serenity

"I love walking the nature trails in the late summer. Spotting Monarch butterflies flitting above the blooming goldenrod. The angled light of the September sun sharpening the edges of the leaves and grass. And the ocean appearing even more blue than usual. The last moments before the colors and warmth of the season fade into Fall." -Cara, Weaver

(Photo by Brooke M.)

14. What it means to be 'An Islander'

"I love Nantucket because ever since I arrived, I've felt at home and safe. The community is so friendly and supportive. Most importantly, I met my husband here!" -Maya, Design Assistant 

"My favorite thing about our little island is the sense of family amongst community members. People who do not live on island are always saying, 'You must know everyone!'. Of course this is an exaggeration, but we do recognize one another and share an understanding of what it means to be an islander. If a community member is ill, we gather to show our support. If a family suffers a tragedy, we search for ways to help. I've found, by spending my days in the shop here on Main Street, that local merchants are no exception to this understanding. Checking in with one another, sharing a funny story after a busy weekend, asking about one another's holidays are all examples of moments we might share- with Maxine at the Hub while getting my morning tea, with Sam at the Nobby Shop while buying my daughter boots, or with Tanya at the Soda Fountain while ordering my guilty pleasure, the Breakfast Special. Everyone is such a character and I think we all feel very lucky to live in this quirky place." -Thayer, Shop Manager

"My favorite thing about living 30 miles out to sea is the feeling I get when I return to the island. Whether it's coming back from a day trip or returning from a long vacation, there is this feeling of contentment when the island comes into view. The sound of the ferry's horn, the chime of the clock tower and even the clanking of the cars driving on the cobblestones of Main Street, are all soothing sounds to me." -Laura, Marketing Director

(Photo by Barbara Clarke Photography)

Happy Valentine's Day from Nantucket Looms. We hope your day is spent with the ones you love, in the place you love most.

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