Starburst Sailor’s Valentine | Elizabeth Braun

$ 2,000.00
Handcrafted by noted Nantucket artist, Elizabeth Braun, featuring an intricate... Read more
Handcrafted by noted Nantucket artist, Elizabeth Braun, featuring an intricate arrangement of shells from Nantucket beaches and the Caribbean. Enclosed in a classic octagonal cherry wood frame. Sailor's Valentines were originally made in the 1800’s by sailors themselves, using shells and trinkets collected during long voyages at sea, and presented to loved ones upon their return. A true Nantucket tradition kept alive by artists such as Braun, whose one-of-a-kind treasures are cherished for their exquisite, handmade beauty.
$ 2,000.00
  • 10" Diameter
  • Shells from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  • Handmade Octagonal Cherry Frame

Designed in the late 1960’s for Nantucket Looms, our classic boatneck sweater never goes out of style. Originally designed to be worn without a shirt underneath, the boatneck can be worn in a more fitted fashion or select the next size up for a looser fit. The saddle stitch shoulders and high boatneck collar are distinctive to this sweater. Unisex sizing.

Adult Sweater Measurements

Chest Body Length (shoulder to hem) Sleeve Length
17" 23" 29"
S 18" 24" 30"
M 20.5" 26" 33"
L 22" 27" 34"
XL 24" 28" 35"

Children's Sweater Measurements

Chest Sleeve Length
XS 4/5
16" 21.5"
S 6/7
17" 22.5"
M 8/10
18" 23.5"
L 10/12
19" 24.5"
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