Nantucket Beach | Ken Layman

$ 12,000.00
Ken Layman renders the ideal Nantucket beach experience in his... Read more
Ken Layman renders the ideal Nantucket beach experience in his painting of a whispy cloud covered blue sky over rolling sand dunes. Layman effortlessly captures the tranquility gained from solitude when in a beautiful landscape. "Nantucket Beach" is one of the many familiar island landscapes Layman paints entirely from memory.
$ 12,000.00
  • 25.5" x 17" x 1"
  • Ken Layman began showing his artwork at Nantucket Looms in 1971, making him one of the Looms’ most prolific artists. Of the more than seventy artists represented today at Nantucket Looms, many have been students of Ken’s. Known for his billowy cloudy skies set above the Nantucket landscape, Ken is equally as talented as an abstract artist. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of his work is the process by which he paints. Layman doesn't believe in painting from a photograph or still life, rather choosing to paint entirely from his own imagination

    Designed in the late 1960’s for Nantucket Looms, our classic boatneck sweater never goes out of style. Originally designed to be worn without a shirt underneath, the boatneck can be worn in a more fitted fashion or select the next size up for a looser fit. The saddle stitch shoulders and high boatneck collar are distinctive to this sweater. Unisex sizing.

    Adult Sweater Measurements

    Chest Body Length (shoulder to hem) Sleeve Length
    17" 23" 29"
    S 18" 24" 30"
    M 20.5" 26" 33"
    L 22" 27" 34"
    XL 24" 28" 35"

    Children's Sweater Measurements

    Chest Sleeve Length
    XS 4/5
    16" 21.5"
    S 6/7
    17" 22.5"
    M 8/10
    18" 23.5"
    L 10/12
    19" 24.5"
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