Day Dream #6 | Susan Boardman

Day Dream #6 | Susan Boardman
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Noted local artist, Susan Boardman, brings her iconic whimsical taste from her... Read more

Noted local artist, Susan Boardman, brings her iconic whimsical taste from her needlepoint embroidered narratives to her newly developed talent of painting. Boardman draws inspiration from the stories of the headstrong Nantucket women of the 19th-century. With every story she reads or home she passes of these women, Boardman can feel their kinship.

"With that kinship in mind, through folk imagery, historical elements and joy, I imagine what daydreams they might have had as they lived their 19th-century daily lives on the island or out to sea. What fanciful musings might they have had? Those Nantucket reveries become the drawings for my paintings. I hope the joy in my work translates through to the observer." -Susan Boardman

 Susan has used a layering process to give her paintings texture by using watercolors on rice paper and then finishing with a layer of acrylic gesso. 

Designed in the late 1960’s for Nantucket Looms, our classic boatneck sweater never goes out of style. Originally designed to be worn without a shirt underneath, the boatneck can be worn in a more fitted fashion or select the next size up for a looser fit. The saddle stitch shoulders and high boatneck collar are distinctive to this sweater. Unisex sizing.

Adult Sweater Measurements

Chest Body Length (shoulder to hem) Sleeve Length
17" 23" 29"
S 18" 24" 30"
M 20.5" 26" 33"
L 22" 27" 34"
XL 24" 28" 35"

Children's Sweater Measurements

Chest Sleeve Length
XS 4/5
16" 21.5"
S 6/7
17" 22.5"
M 8/10
18" 23.5"
L 10/12
19" 24.5"

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