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Handmade in Nantucket by our masterful island weavers. A time-honored tradition, since 1968.

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weaving studio, beautiful handwoven textiles are brought to life by the hands of our artisan weavers, led by master weaver, Rebecca Peraner. Using the same Maine-made Macomber looms since 1968 and the finest all-natural fibers, the weavers fill the studio with the rhythms and sounds of this time-honored craft.

Meet our Nantucket Weavers

Meet Our Weavers

Get to know our artisans

The Art of Handweaving

In its simplest terms, weaving involves using a loom that interlaces two sets of threads: the warp, which runs longitudinally, and the weft that crosses it. Of course, there is much more to it than that…Both a craft and an art form, handweaving combines a high degree of technical skill, fiber knowledge and the individual weaver’s own artistic intentions. The weaver carefully choses his or her materials and devises a weaving structure that will fulfill the desired design expression of the specific piece. Texture, color patterns, draping qualities and other properties are all considered before the weaver sits down at the loom.

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Year-Round Production Handweaving

Our own team of master weavers features local island residents that bring with them years of handweaving experience, resulting in unparalleled quality of cloth and authentic Nantucket design style. They gracefully bring each handwoven to life in our Main Street studio, effortlessly bridging traditional handweaving with innovative production techniques.

Choosing All-Natural Fibers

Only the finest all-natural fibers are used when creating a Nantucket Looms handwoven. The texture, weight, warmth and other properties of the fibers are carefully considered before any weaving begins—it is a matter of form, function and design. For instance, luxuriously soft cashmere is a wonderful option for a scarf or throw because it feels lovely against the skin, drapes nicely and has natural moisture-wicking properties. But, for entryway rugs where heavy foot traffic occurs, durable linen or cotton makes a better, sturdier choice.

All Natural Fiber Cloth Sample Nantucket
Sample of Bamboo Cotton in Nantucket MA


When it comes to sourcing our fibers, Rebecca Peraner takes great care in finding the very best, from soft Scottish cashmere and lustrous Japanese silk to fluffy South African mohair and resilient 100% U.S.A. cotton.

Using only quality, all-natural fibers ensures our handwovens have practical, enduring beauty that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, whether it’s our handwoven throws and baby blankets or our scarves, wraps, placemats and rugs.

A Look Back

Nantucket Looms co-founder, Andy Oates was himself a renowned master weaver. The textiles he designed at Nantucket Looms have adorned island cottages, New York penthouses, national museums, corporate offices and everything in between.

Nantucket Looms Weaver Andy circa 1970

Andy’s appreciation for the simple and lasting, for understated strength and natural elegance can be traced back to his time at Black Mountain College. There he studied under Anni Albers, one of the most influential textile designers of the 20th century, whose rustic yet refined design aesthetic resonated deeply with Andy.

Andy’s first major weaving project came in 1961 by way of the Nantucket Historical Trust (NHT). Mary Ann Beinecke commissioned Andy to help restore what is today the Jared Coffin House, designing and creating all the textiles for the hotel. A handful of years later, Andy and partner Bill Euler opened Nantucket Looms, offering home furnishings, handcrafts, artwork, and of course, Andy’s distinctive handwovens.

The Legacy Continues

Throughout the years Andy mentored many artists and weavers, including Rebecca Peraner, head weaver and textile designer. The creations of such dedicated craftspeople are what makes Nantucket cottage-style living so distinctive and unique. Today, Rebecca carries on the Nantucket Looms tradition with her team of local artisan weavers. Together they create timeless, functional works of handwoven art that carry with them the beauty and spirit of Nantucket in every fiber.

This production handweaving provides year- round employment for our talented residents, and allows us to fulfill needs of every kind, including custom orders, limited edition collections and projects in support of our interior design team.

We proudly continue to uphold the same principles of sustainability, of the enduring and lasting that Andy established, all of which results in a look, feel and quality that is undeniably Nantucket Looms.

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Watch our masterful weavers in action at 51 Main Street. All are welcome to experience this beautiful time-honored craft.
Nantucket Looms Weaver at work