Zoe Markham


For local painter Zoe Markham, inspiration always stems from nature, a result of moving from LA at a young age to the lush greenery of New Hampshire. As she grew, Zoe was lucky to have her artistic abilities encouraged at school, giving her the tools she needed to succeed. From her experiences growing up, Zoe has been able to merge her two passions, earth and art, and build a successful career. Her acrylic and oil paintings give you the sense of serenity felt when gazing unto a surreal landscape. The intricate details catch your curiosity, while her color use tells a dreamy story. Zoe’s nature made creations blend modern art and playful historical mythology into the coastal home. With an aesthetic towards realism, she has been refining the ordinary Atlantic clam shell since 2006. Breathing fine art onto each shell, experimenting with archival materials to make historical scenes and creature portraits that last. Markham currently focuses on reinventing her creativity and evolving her different disciplines to be her best. Seeking to captivate every viewer by provoking a deeper awareness and appreciation of their natural environment.“I always find inspiration in nature’s polarity, the serene and extreme. Soothing and tumultuous, the oddly beautiful subjects.”

“Zoe’s work has been hugely popular in the shop. We are very excited that we can now showcase her creations online. If you are considering purchasing one, don’t wait long because they always sell quickly!”- Bess Clarke

Artist portrait by Brian Sager.