Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme Soap

Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme Soap
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Gentle and cleansing, our signature soap is crafted from natural,... Read more

Gentle and cleansing, our signature soap is crafted from natural, plant-based ingredients, featuring pure glycerin and refreshing rosemary, cedar and thyme botanical extracts. Soothes and conditions with extraordinary lather. Wonderful as a gift or for your home. Sold as a single bar or in a gift box of 3.

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    Joseph Rifkin
    Excellent natural soap & a decent alternative to original Pears soap

    Nantucket Looms rosemary, thyme and cedar glycerin soap brings back some of the memories of the original (pre-2009) Pears soap I used to love (and others here too it seems). It is NOT an authentic reproduction of the original Pears formula. However, it's arguably the closest thing to it.

    The longevity, hypoallergenic and moisturizing properties of the original Pears soap are all there, thankfully. The scent is SIMILAR to original Pears but more powdery/musk like (while original Pears had a more spicy and almost sweet scent). The rosemary, thyme (and cedar) fragrance gives this soap it's magic.

    For what it is, it is an excellent product. It arrived on time and I have no complaints. I'll definitely buy more again in the future.

    Caroline Natvig
    Rosemary, Ceday and Thyme Soap

    This soap is gentle and has a divine scent! Keep it in your clothes drawer until you are ready to use it. I buy it as a treat for myself and gift for others.

    Dana Rampy
    Rich, clean scent

    I bought a rosemary, cedar and thyme soap in Williamsburg Virginia that I fell in love with. THIS is that soap and I'm so glad I found it.

    Kathryn Mahoney
    Delightful Scent

    This Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme Soap is a special treat I give to myself every Christmas season. The soap is gentle on my skin and the scent is delightful.

    Janet G.
    Clean and Fresh

    This is my hand soap in Spring and Summer. It is fresh smelling, sudsy, and does not leave a residue.