Caroline Weld

Nantucket, MA

Caroline Weld’s love and understanding of Nantucket’s artist community comes from a family whose connection to the island dates back to the 1940s. Weld’s St. Louis based family has been summering on Nantucket over the past eight decades.


After graduating from the School of Fine Arts at Boston University with a fine art degree, Caroline went on to earn a Masters in teaching before diving into the fine art world. For 10 years she taught in New York City where, during that time, she found a love for jewelry design. Eventually, she returned to her original craft of painting. Now a full-time artist living on the island, Caroline’s inspiration comes namely, as she explains, from Nantucket’s unique "colors and contrasts". Wherever she finds the most striking natural shapes, whether they be sand dunes, seasonal tones, transforming landscapes, inform the subject of her paintings: they “lead [her] imagination to find that story with paint on canvas.”


Landscapes are not her only subject matter, however. Weld has an impressive portfolio of abstract work as well, where she has the ability to forget the confines of structure and explore the relationship of color and form. She often uses unconventional tools to achieve the energy and texture in these pieces such as a turkey baster or pastry scraper.
"The subjects of Caroline’s landscapes are often warm, tranquil views of the island. Her brushstrokes seem soft and free, but are aforethought- those of a practiced artist." -Thayer, Shop Manager