Opera House Cup 2 | Terry Pommett

Opera House Cup 2 | Terry Pommett
$ 650.00
Like sailing, photography is all about timing. Renowned photographer Terry... Read more

Like sailing, photography is all about timing. Renowned photographer Terry Pommett captures the elegance and majesty of the wooden sailboats that compete each year in the Opera House Cup Race. Timeless in black and white, Pommett transforms the energy rich event into an intimate and serene moment.


  • 17 1/2" W X 23 1/2" L
  • Terry Pommett has been photographing on Nantucket since the 1980s. Though starting out shooting weddings and doing commercial work, the artist now mostly enjoys shooting portraits, architecture photography, editorials and photographing the sailboats at Nantucket’s sailing events, like the Opera House Cup. Pommett has traveled to over 60 countries photographing his experiences. Despite being an avid traveler, Pommett says his heart has always remained on Nantucket.

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