Nantucket Looms partners and their kids (L-R) Becky Peraner and her daughters Suzanne & Julia, Stephanie Hall and her daughter Morgan, Bess Clarke and her sons Eoin, Jake & Luke. 
During the holiday season, a time of gratitude and reflection, we are reminded of the journey that has brought us to where we are today. At Nantucket Looms, Becky, Stephanie and I could not be more proud to be a part of a 48 year legacy and as we prepare the shop for the holiday season, we remember fondly the characters who have shaped that story. Bill Euler’s motto of offering ‘something for everyone’ still resonates here today, where customers can find everything from small ornaments to one-of-a-kind artwork. When customers visit our second floor weaving studio, they often share with us stories of their ‘vintage Nantucket Looms throws’ - still lovingly used to this day and most likely created by the hands of our original master weaver, Andy Oates. And as we carefully wrap each gift, Liz Winship’s high standard of wrapping holds strong. She taught us to be as grateful to sell a box of soap as we are a mohair throw and that every gift, should be wrapped as if it ’cost a million bucks’.

As we look ahead to 2017 and prepare to continue the Nantucket Looms legacy both on Main Street and online, we give thanks to our loyal local clientele, customers who have taken planes and ferries to get to us and to those who have found us online. You are as important to our story as our founders and for that, we thank you deeply. 

Happy Holidays,

Bess, Becky & Stephanie.