Surface Level Style
Your guide to styling every surface in your living room

Curating your home is like writing the story of you. The furniture sets the general tone and structure- beautiful & welcoming pieces that give a sense of what lies ahead to discover. Your accessories allow for digging deeper into your story: the artwork, sculptural vases, picture frames and art books are the descriptions and dialog that bring your story to life. Weaving all these details and elements together cohesively, however, is when the magic strikes. When you favorite painting is beautiful styled with a wood turned vase and a handmade frame that houses a moment of your trip to Italy, your coffee table becomes a mini gallery of your life- your style and interests, your travels and memories.

Our formula for table surface styling is simple. We believe that if something is meaningful to you, it deserves a place in your home. All it needs is the right arrangement that ensures an overall cohesive look that still allows each piece to individually shine. Read on to see our tips to styling every surface in your home.

1. Lay the Foundation

Set the scene with a statement piece that will give direction on what follows including spacing, colors and textures.

Left- The tendril vase is striking in its wide circumference and ceramic dots. The soft shade of celadon influences the color story for the rest of the look.

Below- Although smaller in size, the treen canisters anchor this look, the black acting as a contrast to the light shades of gray and ivory seen throughout.

Treen Canisters

Isle Bowl

Morning Walk | Julie Gifford

Wood Turned Vase

2. New Heights

Do you have many items of the same size? Stacking books or decorative boxes is the simplest way to create staggered height. Varying heights are important to keep the eye moving over the entire surface. Books bring several aspects to your vignette, including a reflection of your interests and added graphics from the book jacket. Decorative boxes bring function allowing you to store coasters, a deck of cards or a place to hide the remote control.

3. A Leveled Surface

Oversized ottomans and textured coffee tables are common design elements in a room, but they often do not have an even surface to place a drink or to display collections. Select a tray in a material of your favor- from wood to bone to acrylic- to create a functional yet decorative touch. A tray also brings intention and a styled approach to your look, organizing your favorite pieces into a group rather than looking at several pieces staggered across a surface.

Collector's Tray

Leather Tray

Inlay Tray

Piece by Piece Tray

4. Element of Interest

A touch of mystery and curiosity will elevate your look. The element of interest is a piece whose purpose is not entirely clear, urging you to want to learn more about it. Use it to top off your stack of books, like the star on top of a tree, or let it stand alone as your objet d'art like the Roos Letter Opener or Rouler Tray.

Roos Letter Opener

Rouler Tray

Marble Chain

Urchin Sculpture

5. Art of the Mix

To create a cohesive look with a variety of items, think about how pieces pair together. Combining colors and textures will build a dynamic look, adding dimension. Textured bright whites paired with natural fibers, like the Abaca Frame, gives the vignette an organic feel.

6. Fresh Take

Finish the look with your favorite green stems, fresh blooms, lush plants, or some bright citrus. Our favorite plants are the ones that have a light and airy yet textural quality to them, like quince branches or maidenhair ferns.

Beyond the Surface

To top off your space, include an original piece of artwork or a photograph. Let one beautiful piece stand alone or group a few for a gallery wall. Do not be afraid to mix and match mediums, materials, or frames. Your variety of art, photographs, collectibles, and curiosities will hopefully inspire you to continue to write the chapters of your own book!

Antique Watch Part

Wall Basket

Mixed Media Collage

Goblet & Mystery

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