When Nantucket Looms' master weaver Becky Peraner was growing up in Connecticut, she could never have known the impact her family home would have on her life. Surrounded by everything from woven baskets to old English ironware, Becky's parents, who are avid antique collectors instilled in her a love of collecting and an appreciation of the arts. Speaking of her mother, Jean, Becky attributes her influence to her love of  textiles. "My mom was an interior designer", Becky explains, "and I was raised with fabric samples everywhere. I think her influence subconsciously made me love  textiles that much more". 

Becky's mom has always been extremely supportive of her art career. Having attended art school herself, Jean always supported Becky's love of painting and although Becky originally attended The Rhode Island School of Design for painting, she went on to major in textile design. "I found myself drawn to textiles as an art form", says Becky. It was a decision that shaped the outcome of her life, becoming an apprentice to Andy Oates at Nantucket Looms and eventually becoming head weaver and partner in the business. 

These days, Becky's mom continues to be an influence on her work - particularly her handwoven sea life tapestries. When Jean visits from Connecticut, she and Becky enjoy walking on the beach with her daughters, collecting scallop shells and sea glass. "We always try and find low tide at the Jetties or Pocomo Point or our secret little spot in Madaket Harbor where we collect shells and see the sunset. The idea for the woven tapestries naturally came together from these walks on the beach. As my love of weaving grew, I began incorporating the things we collected into my work", explains Becky. 

Becky's mother and father's house in Connecticut is still full of collections to this day and it's something she really appreciates, especially in an age when design trends have moved from extensive collections to a more minimalistic style. Knowing the extent to which this has inspired her life and her art, Becky holds her mother's collections and influence close and is proud to carry on her tradition in her work. "I love sending people off with a little collection of Nantucket in a piece of artwork, or incorporating special things of their own into a piece - like their grandfather's watch parts or people's own collection of shells". 

The strong bond between Becky and Jean inspired a life of creativity and artistic integrity and it is a bond that Becky strives to continue in her relationship with her two daughters Suzanne and Julia as they grow up on Nantucket.